Saturday, March 06, 2004

I have 2 dates! 

Alright, Senor Shissekopf,

I've confirmed my flight info: arriving on 31 March in Vilnius, and then I'll catch a bus or train to "nearby" Kaunas the next day. And I'll be leaving Beijing on May 4, which will give me a couple days to hang with fellow Oregonian photog Ben Brink.

So, aside from those wonderful images of your bro's wedding..., I'm still waiting to get a photo or URL link with the exact model of your digital camera storage card. I could bring extras, if they are Compact Flash cards. OR, I can bring a small card reader to download your images on my iPod, so you can erase your card and take more pix. Maybe it would be easier to know the exact model of your camera. But we don't want to make it too easy, do we??

Aside from my iPod, I'll be packing a Sony transister radio, so we can practice our Mongolian on the train.

What else? I bought a couple more pairs of anti-bacterial underwear! Not only sexy, but clean! Hell, you could eat your supper off it if you need to. And when I say "you" I mean YOU, not me... ;-)

Also heard it might be good to pack our own chop sticks. Apparently, grubby sticks in our packs might still be cleaner than chop sticks provided @ Chinese restaurants. And when you're eating supper off my underwear, don't you really want to know that your chop sticks are clean?!

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sitting on my rear today, daydreaming about our trip.

I'm ready to go CAMPING! YOU?


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